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The way languages are often taught is wrong. Think about how you learned your native language. You listened to and interacted with it – thinking – while learning by trying to speak. Later, you learned the rules and structures to perfect it. But in second language learning — especially in most English lessons — you do the opposite. We start with grammar and structure and sometimes never get to the speaking or thinking in the language. Let’s change this.

Speak Think Learn focuses on communication. Speaking and thinking in English without needing to translate. We’ll show you how to improve your English and use it fluently. And then will we focus on grammatical accuracy.

Because speaking a language isn’t only about knowing grammar

Speak Think Learn

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Speak Think Learn

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General English

If you want to improve fluency, comprehension, grammar or vocabulary, this is the course for you. Although it is general English, vocabulary and expressions can focus on a specific area such as business, law, IT or travel. Maybe you want to better understand TV and movies. Or you plan to travel and need to review that language. No matter the situation, these general English courses are designed for you.

Business English

  • looking for a job and interviewing in English?
  • want to improve your English CV/resume?
  • applying to university/college and have to complete part of the process in English?
  • need to make a presentation in English?
  • attending a conference/convention where presenters will speak English?

Exam Preparation

You need a way to show your English ability. Official exams and certificates are becoming more important. But there are so many choices. Which one is right for you? And how should you prepare for an exam? It depends on your needs and your level. We can help you decide. Then we will design an exam preparation course specifically for you and your needs.

Academic English

If you are currently studying in English or planning to do so, we can guide you through the fundamentals of academic English. It is referred to as English for Academic Purposes (EAP). We have taught EAP at university and know what EAP requires and how to learn it.

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