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Kenneth – Your Teacher

Hello, I’m Kenneth. But you can call me Kenn. I am originally from South Carolina, USA. (Don’t worry. My southern accent is long gone).

I have taught English at universities in Spain and Thailand and at middle & high schools in the USA and Taiwan. Additionally, I have a lot of experience teaching group and 1-to-1 courses over the Internet and face-to-face.

  • Master of Arts in Education
  • TEFL Certified

Courses I have taught

⇒ English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

⇒ Exam Preparation ( Cambridge | Escuela Oficial (Spain) | IELTS | TOEIC | TOEFL | Trinity )

⇒ Business English (including in an MBA program)

⇒ Legal English

⇒ English for Tourism & Hotel Management

⇒ English for Banking

⇒ English for Graphic Arts & Design

⇒ Job hunting & interviewing English

⇒ General English — all levels

Additional Experience

I worked in accounting and MIS (management information systems) for many years before becoming a teacher. The industries I worked in include

  • banking & finance
  • insurance
  • construction
  • tourism

During this time, I held various management and supervisory positions. This included recruiting and hiring. So if you are interested in English for job hunting, I have a lot of useful tips and suggestions. And all of this makes Business English courses with me better. I have direct experience with the language of business.

Other Information

My hobbies include:

  • Running — I have run several half-marathons.
  • Hiking — An old passion I have rediscovered.
  • Cooking — Food is my real passion.
  • Painting — I’ve had solo exhibitions.
  • Traveling — I love exploring the world.
  • Gardening — especially using permaculture principles
  • Talking — Conversation is always welcome.
  • Politics — I’m a political junky.
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