General English

If you want to improve fluency, comprehension, grammar or vocabulary, this is the course for you. Although it is general English, vocabulary and expressions can focus on a specific area such as business, law, IT or travel. Maybe you want to better understand TV and movies. Or you plan to travel and need to review that language. No matter the situation, these general English courses are designed for you.


  • speaking and listening practice and ways to improve
  • vocabulary and expressions
  • grammar if needed
  • pronunciation

Package Prices (in euros €)

Number of Lessons ⇒51020
30-minute lessons 60 110 210 (€10 savings)
45-minute lessons 85 160 (€5 savings) 310 (€20 savings)
60-minute lessons 110 210 (€10 savings) 410 (€30 savings)
90-minute lessons 165 315 (€15 savings) 620 (€40 savings)

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