English for Employment

Interviewing & Job Searches or Presentation

  • Are you looking for a job and interviewing in English?
  • Would you like to improve your English CV/resume?
  • Are you applying to university or college and have to complete part of the process in English?
  • Do you have to make a presentation in English?
  • Will you attend a conference or convention where presenters will speak English?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the course for you. I have years of experience preparing students for interviews and presentations in English. And I used to conduct interviews when I worked as a corporate manager. I can help you with your English interviewing/presentation skills. Additionally, I can offer tips/suggestions on the best ways to answer difficult interview questions.

Prices in euros € — Package Total (per Lesson)

Number of Lessons ⇒51020
45-minute lessons85 (17)155 (15.5)300 (15)
60-minute lessons110 (22)210 (21)400 (20)
90-minute lessons165 (33)310 (31)600 (30)
120-minute lessons210 (42)410 (41)780 (39)
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