Academic English

If you are currently studying in English or planning to do so, I can guide you through the fundamentals of academic English. It is referred to as English for Academic Purposes (EAP). I have taught EAP at university and know what EAP requires and how to learn it.

English for Academic Purposes

EAP focuses on academic writing and presentations. It includes:

  • Researching a topic
  • Referencing & citation
  • Techniques for paraphrasing
  • Formal language and grammatical structures
  • Essay & survey formatting and standards
  • Listening & effective note taking during lectures
  • Seminar language

Prices in euros € — Package Total (per lesson)

Number of Lessons ⇒51020
45-minute lessons82.5 (16.5)160 (16)310 (15.5)
60-minute lessons110 (22)210 (21)400 (20)
90-minute lessons160 (32)310 (31)600 (30)
120-minute lessons210 (42)410 (41)780 (39)
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